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Jordan C.

Problem: Dry, brittle hair. Looked dull.

Process: x1 application after shampooing

Review: It was a quick and easy process and Im super happy that i haven't had to use a formaldehyde formula


Problem: Severely damaged from 15 years of highlights.

Process: I shampood my hair and then applied the hair smoothing treatment.

Review: LOVE this product so much! My hair is so much shinier and the upkeep is just way easier! I'll keep buying it for sure!

Steph M.

Problem: Thin & breaks easily.

Process: In shower I left it in for 15 minutes after shampooing.

Review: Oh. My. Gosh. I blew out my hair after I showered and used this mask and it’s never been this shiny or soft. I can’t believe it, but my hair feels thicker now too? LOVE.

Sasha T.

Problem: Wanted shiny, defined curls.

Process: Used it as a leave-in and then styled.

Review: It worked! I follow the curly girl hair method and this mask worked amazing for it. My curls stayed all night.

Emily S.

Problem: Frizzy and damaged from too much heat.

Process: Left in for 30 minutes after shower, then rinsed.

Review: I bought this mask as my last ditch effort before I just chopped all my damaged hair off. I cannot believe the difference… safe to say I cancelled my hair appointment 😂

Megan F.

Problem: Dry and damaged from continued coloring.

Process: Leave in for 10 minutes after shampooing.

Review: I’ve been dying my hair red since middle school (no joke) and I’ve just accepted that my hair would always look a little bit damaged. I’ve used Glimmr 3 times so far and I’ve noticed the strands that looked more fried in the past are starting to shine and almost bond back together.

Madison C.

Problem: Hair takes forever to grow.

Process: Work into my ~self-care~ routine once a week. 

Review: It took me almost 3 years to grow my hair out to where it is now, and every time I get a haircut I feel like it sets me back another year. I have been using Glimmr for 3 weeks and I cannot BELIEVE the way my hair has grown so quickly.

Hannah F.

Problem: Split ends on split ends on split ends.

Process: Coat thoroughly after shampoo, rinse after 20 min.

Review: I’ve been using hair masks to try and help my split ends since like 2010, and NOTHING even comes close to this mask. Forget Olaplex, Dae, Function of Beauty, anything you’re using right now. It’s worth replacing for this.

Ashley B.

Problem: Hair gets dry and brittle due to keratin treatment.

Process: Once a week, I put in my damp hair for 10 minutes after showering.

Review: I’m in love! This hair mask delivers on its promises and in my opinion is the best on the market currently. It makes my hair, which is overly dry due to a keratin treatment, so very soft. It is smooth and silky when it’s dry. It is more and more healthy with every use.


Problem: Frizzy and undefined curls.

Process: Applied lightly to wet hair after shower, did not rinse.

Review: It TOTALLY tamed my frizz and gave me perfectly defined curls. I used a bit of hairspray afterward. Now I use it all the time because it was so easy. 10/10.

Alexis C.

Problem: Coarse and dry hair.

Process: Everytime I take a bath, I let this sit on my hair for ~30ish minutes.

Review: This makes my coarse, wavy hair incredibly soft. It leaves no residue or build up when I wash it out of my hair which I feel like is unusual for hair masks. I normally buy salon masks which are $$$ and never do for me what Glimmr has in just a few weeks!

Olivia K.

Problem: I want shine like a keratin treatment.

Process: The directions say to leave in for 10 mins but sometimes I don't wash it out until the next day. It’s not greasy. 

Review:  I have naturally dry hair. I get keratin a couple of times a year, but have always wished keratin would last longer. I started using this mask when I noticed my most recent keratin treatment starting to fade out and it works wonders.

Grace N.

Problem: Damaged hair from years of dying.

Process: Coat and comb through hair, let sit for 10 minutes.

Review: (Fake) blonde here. We all know the damage bleaching and dying your hair can have. I don’t remember the last time my hair felt this healthy and replenished. 10/10 if you choose to dye your hair, this is the best thing you could possibly use to take care of it.

Emma S.

Problem: I wanted salon quality hair every day.

Process: Use 2-3x per week after I shampoo.

Review: This is the only hair mask or treatment that makes my hair silky soft and allows it to lay perfectly. It’s the best conditioning treatment of all time. If you want the perfect hair day every day, then use this mask.

Jessica Z.

Problem: Split ends and breakage

Process: Applied for 15 minutes in the shower

Review: I honestly can’t believe it worked, I feel like I’ve tried everything. My hair feels stronger. Less hair in the shower and in my brush. It’s so soft and I get compliments on the beautiful shine.

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The Benefits

Adds Shine & Texture

The power of our superfood ingredients adds shine to beautiful locks. It's suitable for all hair types so straight hair, wavy, curly & coily babes around the world can enjoy the Glimmr hair mask!

Repairs Dry & Damaged Hair

The mask has been specially formulated to repair hair from the inside out revive coloured, treated & normal hair!

Tames Frizz & Split Ends

The super hydrating & moisturizing ingredients reduce frizz even on the hottest days by deeply hydrating hair cuticles. The power of guava will also help you say goodbye to grease build up by unclogging hair follicles!

Promotes Thicker Hair Growth

By penetrating deep into the hair follicle, the hair mask pumps vitamins, protein and minerals to prevent breakage and hair loss.

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Maurizio M.
United States United States

Nice product!!!

Leaves hair soft and shiny without heaviness nor grease...

joan l.
United States United States

Love it

So easy to use & my hair looks so much better

Caroline T.
United States United States

Made my hair soft and manageable in one use

The smell was unbearable at first. It’s stinks like some kind of odor. But after washing it off, it left an incredible coconut scent. Made my hair felt so hydrated and manageable. The scent lasted till the next day.

kelly g.
Australia Australia


One of the best products I have ever used, hands down

Mollie F.
United States United States

My hair is SO soft!

I absolutely love using this stuff. It has changed the texture of my hair. It's so soft, blows out smoother, and I swear it's shinier as well.