Glimmr’s Glow Up

Our story started when we realized we were far from the only ones in Melbourne with dull, damaged hair.

We began asking what problems people were experiencing with their hair, and almost everyone we talked to said the same things:
  • severe dryness
  • stunted growth
  • split ends
  • brittle strands
  • untamable frizz
  • overall dullness

Their typical fix was to head to the salon and overpay for expensive treatments that took hours out of their days.

We thought there had to be a better alternative — but there wasn’t.

So we formulated our own.

We spent months researching and testing the most premium, clinically proven vitamins, minerals, proteins, and amino acids.

And we ended up with a breakthrough formula capable of rejuvenating even the most damaged hair:
The Glimmr™️ Hair Mask.

In just 10 minutes, our new, naturally derived hair mask was able to repair from root to tip — strengthening and repairing follicles, promoting thicker and faster growth, nourishing and moisturizing, reducing breakage, treating split ends, and taming frizz.

We were able to accomplish our goal of providing healthier, shinier, more radiant hair with a cost-effective, superfood-infused hair mask.

And we did it with ethically derived ingredients and without testing on animals.

So what next?

We knew we had to share it with the rest of the world.

People all over Australia told us they were able to achieve their dream hair using the Glimmr™️ Hair Mask.

Then, reviews started coming in from all over.

Even the most lifeless locks were revitalized.

Now, it’s your turn to becoming a part of our story and experience invigorating results for yourself.